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Amsterdam: 5 Packing Tips

Amsterdam is like the rings of a tree: It gets older as you get to the center. — John Green

1. Bring snacks for the plane ride.

It’s a long flight (seven hours!), and I think we can all agree that plane food is gross.

2. Pack a sweater.


Amsterdam can get chilly — even in the summer.

3. Bring an extra suitcase.

You’ll probably buy lots of souvenirs while you’re away, and you don’t want to find out while you’re packing the night before your return flight that your belongings can no longer fit. Rather than buy an extra suitcase in Amsterdam, bring an extra one from home!

4. Bring loose clothes.

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You should avoid packing only skin-tight clothes because you’ll find cafes on every corner serving everything from meals to desserts to snacks. You WILL eat a lot…

Just to give you an idea, my days in Amsterdam consisted of:

  1. Eating
  2. Walking to another cafe
  3. Eating (again)
  4. Repeat

5. Don’t forget to not tip restaurants!

European restaurants don’t expect tips and might even look at you weirdly or think you’re being foolish if you do. Save that money for extra souvenirs!

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