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Brugge: 5 Things to Do

Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies. – John Q. Tullius

1. Take a boat ride.


There are tons of boat companies around Brugge that take you around the canals and give you a tour of your surroundings. However, lines can get long.

2. Eat some Belgian and/or Liege waffles.


I went to Chez Albert to try one of Belgium’s famous liege waffles. It tasted all right (a bit dense for my tastes), but the chocolate on top was absolutely amazing! I also tried a Belgian waffle, which I liked a lot better because it was fluffy, airy, and light.

3. Go on a carriage ride.

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You can find a whole group of carriages by the statue in the market square, but there are lots of people waiting for them and no real line. I recommend going in the morning before the day-trippers arrive. The carriages will be lounging around waiting for people. It’ll also be easier to see the sights (better photo opportunities!) since Brugge in general isn’t as crowded in the morning.

4. Take pictures of the scenery and architecture.


Brugge has unique buildings (one of the buildings is gold!) and canals that create the perfect backdrop for pictures.

5. Buy lots of chocolate!


Fun fact: The first Godiva store is located in Brussels, which isn’t too far from Brugge! However, if you don’t feel like going all the way to Brussels, there are still many chocolatiers to choose from as you walk around Brugge’s streets.

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